About Us

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Our Approach

Find the very best and give it to our pooch!  Pretty simple right?  We love our dog like family and we want all our customers to be able to treat their pups just like family!

Our Story

It's 2013, a young couple finds that their family is missing something... something four legged!  Enter one charismatic, strange and lovable pup.  All seems well...

However this same couple finds that their dog has a lot of allergies and many store bought goods just make their pooch feel worse.  So, months of research and testing leads to recipes for homemade treats, food and dietary supplements.  But most of all, it leads to a healthier happier hound!

Meet the Team

These are the movers and shakers behind Le Dogue!


Stevie Licks

Inspiration & Brains

"I pretty much do it all."


Cindy Pawford

Model, Taste Tester, Designer

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"


Human Helpers

Feeders, Rubbers and Treat Bakers

"They kinda help... not really though! "

Want to give your dog the very best?

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